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Sykes Printing is a fourth-generation family printing company with deep roots in our community. Doing business in our “City Beautiful”, Coral Gables, Florida gives us timely control over the quality of your jobs. We pride ourselves that over the last 55 years as a full-service commercial printing firm, to have focused on giving our clients and customers great personalized service, tailored to their specific needs, creating a lasting relationship in which everyone is satisfied and living up to our motto “Perfect Prints Promptly”.

You might not know much about printing but we do.  So if you have questions about your printing needs or help preparing your files for print please call or email.  We want your business and we want to share our knowledge, experience, and advice with you and to make certain you look great in print.

At Sykes Printing we look forward to providing you with quality products, and in establishing a mutually advantageous relationship.

A brief hisotry of Sykes Printing

Sykes printing was first opened in September, 1959 as D & C, Inc. It was a partnership between Winford and Dorothy Sykes. Shortly into the 1960's the company was renamed Sykes Printing. The original business was blueprinting and offset printing. The blueprinting was the old blue background with white lines, run through two chemical baths and hung out to dry. The offset presses were used to do the specification books, run eight up and cut to eight by eleven and bound. This was pre-copy machine and long before digital printing. The company has changed in many ways over the years but always has been very customer service oriented. In 1972 Gene Rodgers came in as a partner of the firm. He and his wife, Gladyes would run Sykes through out the 1970's. Although there were some changes, they came much slower than today. One major change was the change over from blueprinting to bluelines. The blueline process involved many less chemicals and was much faster then the old blueprint process. The blueline process still exists today, however, it is quickly being replaced by digital printing. In 1981 the Harmon family bought Sykes. They had been involved in the blueprinting business for many years as Harmon printing in downtown Miami. They brought their slogan " Perfect Prints Promptly" with them. The Rodgers' stayed on on a semi retired basis in order to have a smooth transition and no noticeable change in service to the customers. As the 1980's were beginning there were many changes in the printing business. The major change was that copy machines were now becoming capable of high speed duplicating, replacing the old large presses. The only offset business left would be products that don't work well on copiers and long runs. As the 1990's started no one could have predicted how quickly and the scope of change would be. The decade began with decent copiers and blueline printing and would finish up with programmable copiers and digital printing. Each generation of copiers became faster and easier to use. The advent of AUTO-CAD drove the change to digital printing. In 1995 Sykes had one small office plotter, by the 2000's we had several Oce large format machines which turn out large format digital printing almost as fast as regular office copiers. Sykes continues to innovate and improve our products and services. Our latest addition is large format color output. The use of color is growing and Sykes has added a large format color printer that can print large format color prints from almost any file type. The original idea of superior customer service continues to this day and all the changes have made printing faster and more economical for all of our customers
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